World of Medical Soccer

The remarkable world of medical soccer

What is medical soccer?

It’s actually very simple, it’s the idea that in a sport such as soccer you are dependent on the capabilities of a doctor and of sports surgeons as well as cosmetic surgeons to repair the body of the athletes that go through this sport in the most intense fashion.

great soccer post operative therapy

Sports Surgeons:

In here you will find all the injuries that are related to the sport itself, things like limbs getting damaged due to strain, injuries, fatigue or similar things natural of the sport when it comes to the mere act of playing it, they will inevitably happen and it’s in the best interest of the player to get in contact with the best surgeon they can possibly find; Especially here in Orlando so that they can recover the fastest and be sure to be on the field as quick as possible.

When it comes to sports surgery the crucial element is make sure that the surgeon understands that whatever he performs in the athlete is with the idea in mind that the athlete will go perform his sport regardless right after the surgery is done, this makes it easier to ensure that both the surgeon and the patient will understand each other and work together for the benefit of the patient, in this case the athlete.

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Cosmetic Surgeons:

You might begin to ask yourself why they are important, and to answer this you do not have to think about vanity at all, in places like Orlando Florida you will find that almost every single player is particularly rough and they will try everything within their power to win every single game.

This causes many different things, for instance in some very common moments you will find that the player got hit in the nose with the elbow of an enemy team player, not maliciously but just because of the nature of jumping right next to someone to try to catch a ball with your head.

When this happens you will find the affected player finding desperately the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Orlando to make sure that nothing will affect the general structure of his face right after receiving such a strong injury caused by another player, where he had nothing to do with the accident.

In this case rhinoplasty surgeons are really important because they make sure that the athlete keeps his normal facial structure and he will not have to look completely different right after one of these matches that will inevitably happen as a natural result of playing the well-known game of soccer in any fashion.

doc with a friend.

With this being said you will find that here in Orlando both rhinoplasty surgeons and sports surgeons are some of the most important elements of a sport like soccer; it’s very important to tell every single player that think about getting into the sport that this is a reality and that sooner or later he will find himself looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon or a sports surgeon to fix their injuries that were caused by accidents or just the natural strain of playing the sport that we all love.

Think about the importance of this before you make the leap into professional soccer.

You also have to consider that cosmetic surgeons are very important here in Orlando or everywhere else in the world because the fact that the sponsors are the ones paying for each player, it’s in the sponsors best interest for the players to keep the best look throughout the entire season and not to give a bad image to the company that is sponsoring the games and the players themselves.

When Christiano Ronaldo almost needed a Rhinoplasty

So as you can imagine the famous and young soccer player underwent a severe incident when another player from the opposing team (we won’t say his name) hit him in the face with his knee, a pretty bizarre accident however that’s what happened, as odd as it seems.

So then the young soccer player received a very devastating blow and he took it all with his nose, transforming his nose into some monstrous deformity that had to be fixed immediately with some professional and precise rhinoplasty.

soccer nose hit

However after a few weeks when the nose was no longer swollen everyone realized that he didn’t actually need a rhinoplasty to be done to his face, and it was just something that happened in the moment, like when you hit yourself in the head and you get instantly swollen and it ends up looking as if you had some form of a tumor for no reason, almost immediately, It was one of those cases.

However it doesn’t shy away from the truth and that is that whilst you play this sport or any other contact sport with other people and an opponent you will often find yourself in tight spots and your face will take the hit more often than not; some sports do take precautions like the case of American Football in which you wear a helmet, that protects your head and your entire face from potential danger and from a future imminent nose accident.

Soccer is not one of those sports and therefore every single player needs to be very cautious because the nose is the element that sticks out the most in the face of every human and therefore is the first one to take any hits and you do not want to make the rhinoplasty surgeon your best friend after visiting more often than what anyone in this planet should.

PS: we might not have the correct and accurate information about this story, so this may or may not be entirely true, read it as a story that someone made up and you will be just fine.

The importance of reconstructive surgery for a soccer player

You might think this is not an issue at all but in reality this is very true and you will find yourself desperately looking for a cosmetic surgeon more often than not when it comes down to the real matter of things.

leg twisted

As explained before you will be looking over and over for someone to help you fix your nose or your face, mainly your nose after you take an elbow to the face or something like that, this will ruin your career because you will get most of your income from sponsors that look for your image as a player to make sure they get the most out of their products.

Think before you play!

new articulation on your leg

And someone with the nose upside-down will NOT sell as good as someone that looks perfectly natural.

It happens, it truly does and there’s nothing you can do about it, it will happen to you it’s almost a fact if you get anywhere competitive in the sports, sooner or later you will be in a desperate look for a rhinoplasty surgeon like a madman in the hopes that he will fix your nose and entire face, it will be painful and you will be several weeks out but trust me it’s darn worth it for a player to see this type of medical attention even if it is a cosmetic thing that has nothing to do with your performance as a soccer player.

ball to the faceCost of a Reconstructive Nose-Job:

This will vary a lot but you will generally find yourself looking somewhere around the 5 to 8 thousand dollar range (USD) and these type of things are usually covered in the insurance when you sign contracts with your teams and sponsors all day every day, fear not that you will end up paying the whole thing yourself.

And even if you would, it’s definitely worth it, how can you possibly sign autographs from your fans with a crooked nose, or with something that doesn’t look good at all to anyone, how would you do it? You can’t… that’s the thing, so you might as well consider the rhinoplasty immediately after you encounter any of these incidents in which you took an elbow to the face from another player, or when you landed with your face that’s also a common concern that you MUST take into consideration whenever you get into the fields.